Welcome to e-commerce with integrity.

We’re Outdoorly.

Like you, we're obsessed with our outdoor community, and we want our earth preserved by stoked stewards. Our loyal outdoor purchase platform equips industry experts with affordable, tried-and-true gear, and we get the pleasure of watching our members stay flirty, dirty, and thriving with the environment — a natural cycle of win-wins.

It’s our mission to create the future of online commerce by fostering a community where good stewardship is an everyday ambition and the only things uppity are the mountains we climb.

Meet the team

We're your fellow tree-hugging dirt worshippers. We're ✨technically✨ based in NYC, but we come from all over the globe: surfers from France, a fly-fisherman from Denmark, skiers from Colorado, and nerds from Massachusetts — all motivated by a genuine love for the outdoors.

We're also young, scrappy, and hungry (did someone say Vafels?).

    Theo Satloff


    Adrianna Simpson


    Ian Patterson


    Hannah Vanek


    Arthur Mereau

    Brand Development

    John Dowling


    Nick Krebs


    Will Ryan

    Account Management

    Ellie Theriault


    CP Majgaard


    Andrea Tombleson


    Benjamin Kenawell



    Treat Testing

Our values

We want your online experience to be like the great outdoors — fresh.

Love thy customer

Our love language is acts of service, which is why we've designed our business model to be efficient and cost-effective. Plus, we’re always here to help. We're pumped if you can spend more time offline and outside and eager to see what you get up to.

Respect thy nature

When you love something, you take care of it, and we believe that love poured into something will be reciprocated. Only with gratitude and respect can we reap the serotonic benefits and preserve the glories of our great outdoors.

Better thy self

We're always trying do better for our customers, our industry, and our planet. We love feedback that helps us improve as a company and a community, and it’s our goal to stay informed and innovative — we want everyone to be in the know.

Join us

At Outdoorly, we're all about the party wave. The gear is great, and the community is better. With us, you'll find the hottest products, adventure tips, song recommendations, and environmental initiatives — to name just a few of our favorite subjects.

🖥 Product Designer

Boston • NYC


🧠 Product Manager

Boston • NYC


💻 Software Engineer - Backend

Boston • NYC


💻 Software Engineer - Frontend

Boston • NYC


💻 Software Engineer - Full Stack

Boston • NYC


🎿 Gear Expert



🎿 Expert in Women's Gear




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