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As an outdoor industry expert, your knowledge is valuable. Both newcomers and fellow experts value input and advice when shopping for expensive gear. Become part of the Outdoorly expert community, receive discounts on gear, and get paid to share your expertise.

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How it works

Customers tell us what they need help with

Customers tell us about themselves, what gear they need, and where they use it.

You assemble a list of top gear picks

You select a few options and explain why each product is a good fit.

We pay you for your knowledge

You get paid for sharing your expertise on the gear you love.

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You’re a leader.

You may not be an Olympian, but to your clients, you might as well be. You’ve gotten your certifications and have had extensive training, but more than anything, you eat, sleep, and breathe the outdoors.

Join the community

You know gear isn’t one size fits all.

We ask customers simple, key preference questions to help you fine tune your recommendations and pick the perfect gear.

You know your stuff.

Your friends and family rely on you for recommendations. You get excited to vent through your pit zips and cringe when you see people wearing down jackets in the rain. You research your purchases and take your gear choices seriously, since your comfort and safety depend on it.

Help others get outdoors by talking about what you love.

Let's get going

Do you qualify?

We only allow true professionals onto our platform. Our deals are reserved for those professionally employed in the outdoor industry.

  • Guides

    • Backcountry Ski & Snowboard Guides
    • Climbing & Mountaineering Guides
    • Adventure Guides
    • River, Sea Kayak & Paddling Guides
    • Hunting & Fishing Guides
  • Rescue Workers

    • Avalanche & Snow Safety Pros
    • Search & Rescue Professionals
    • Park Rangers
    • Ski Patrollers
    • Law Enforcement & Military
  • Educators

    • Outdoor & Wilderness Educators
    • PSIA/AASI Instructors
    • Ski & Snowboard Coaches
    • Cycling Coaches
    • Yoga & Pilates Instructors

We believe in a genuine community.

Our platform exists to help pros enjoy the outdoors. Being a good steward of our discounts is one of our top community values.

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